We just got these new bento box lunch boxes from Goodbyn, which seemed like a good idea. They seal well, come in a few different colors, as well as with sheets of stickers and letters so that kids can customize them. The first day, my little one lost his whole lunch trying to open the box (his first day of Kindergarten). Granted, he’s only 5. Just this morning my older one said, “Sorry mom but I think kids are going to laugh at this lunch box.” The question remains, what is the perfect lunch box that’s dishwasher safe, has compartments so that you don’t need baggies, seals tightly, isn’t flimsy (this one frankly feels a little flimsy), and isn’t dorky? I really thought this one was going to pass the cool test, apparently not. Thoughts?

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  1. Posted by: Mrs. B.

    I was so excited for our Goodbyn , but my kindergartener had trouble opening and closing it too. Sigh. I now use it and she uses a soft sided bag with reusable containers inside, and waxed paper bags for her sandwiches (I have 1,000 of them leftover from a project, and they are super easy for her to open). My sister in law swears by her Lock n’ Lock boxes (is that the right name?) so I think we might try those next.

  2. I’ve been using Easylunchboxes for my daughter and we have not had a problem. I like them a lot!

    She’s 5. It’s a bento style tupperware basically. I’ve been putting it inside another regular style lunchbox (We got a lunchbag style from Garnet Hill.)

    There was a discussion about the Goodbyns not too long ago at Ohdeedoh; the concensus was that they are just too large and cumbersome :(

    Hope that helps a bit! ~Melissa

  3. Posted by: Tina

    I hear your pain. I bought the Goodbyn a couple of years ago when I first saw it in Cookie. Same thing…the whole lunch went flying out and (back then anyway) it really did not seal well. Plus? It was stinkin’ HUGE! Gigantic.
    I need to look for a new one before my boy starts kindergarten. I’m on the look out.
    I am starting to think that the good, old fashioned metal ones would actually be best (and maybe a bit cooler)? Maybe I can fill it with small bins…

  4. Posted by: N.

    My 6 yo son uses PlanetBox. I’m not sure if it can go in the dishwasher (I hand wash it), and the fabric bag for it is not wearing very well — but he has no trouble opening it, and lunches look really pretty in it.

  5. Posted by: Sarah C

    My daughter loves her laptop lunch system–it is easy for her to use (she is 5.5 in K). The only complaint I have is that their drink container that will fit into the lunch bag isn’t insulated. The veggie juice is only “good” if it’s “really, really, cold” according to Sophia…. So far so good though. I like making them ahead of time and just stacking them in the fridge and she can choose one in the morning. We also use cloth napkins so there is really no waste. I like seeing what she doesn’t eat too.

  6. Posted by: Elissa

    Two weeks into the school year and I want to TOSS THEM OUT THE WINDOW. They are huge, can’t make lunches the night before without refrigerating everything, can’t seal each compartment easily. I’m afraid everything is going to spill into my kids’ new backpacks. Seemed like a fabulous idea to begin with and my kids really think they’re cool after they did stickers all over. Boo. I’m going to switch to little boxes in a regular lunch box.

  7. Posted by: JeanW

    I highly recommend these Japanese lunch jars. You have to hand wash the containers, but clean up is fast and easy. Hot food stays hot, even when the jar sits outside in the snow for hours on ski team days (for those days I heat the jar with cold water before putting the food containers inside). Cold salads stay cool and crisp.

    Get this model where the bottom container seals well for soups, curries, etc. It’s the only kind I found that really seals and never leaks out.

    The 3 containers fit inside the jar which also seals and prevents leaking even when kids don’t close the inside containers perfectly after eating.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      thanks jean for the rec on the zojirushi–are they heavy?

  8. Posted by: i*a

    I too loved the look of the Goodbyn, but hesitated buying one. I swear by the Sistema lunch cube which is available in the US at Macy’s and various other places as well as online. It’s compartmentalised but small enough to fit into a regular lunch kit (along with a drink, etc) because it stacks on itself. I wrote about Sistema’s cube here:

    or you can check out the lunch cube on Sistema’s website here:

  9. Posted by: emily a

    we’ve used eco-friendly laptop lunchboxes for a few years, and love them. the different size containers, some with lids, offer lots of flexibility and are easy for the kids to manage. there are different options for configurations.
    also sold on amazon.

  10. Posted by: Sarah

    I was surprised to read your review. I used the Laptop Lunches system the last two years and was getting so tired of all of the little containers. I bought the smaller Goodbyn which is perfect for my pre-k and 2nd grade sons. Not too big or small, no little containers to deal with, never had a problem opening and fit into various insulated lunch bags we have.

  11. Posted by: april

    Hi, like Sarah, I too am surprised by your review. We LOVE our Goodbyns. We have the larger one and the new smaller one like you show. They make it much easier to pack lunch. My kids love packing their own lunches and thinking about what will go where. We used to use the Laptop Lunch too but the pieces were hard to close, and they got lost… Anyways, we love ours and wanted to say that here!

  12. Posted by: Heather

    We love our Goodbyns in my house, they have totally revolutionized our lunches! The “Bynto” is much smaller than the “Original”- Bynto would be appropriate for a younger child, while an older child or adult could use an Original. We have no trouble opening and closing our Byns, but we did have to teach the kids the “right way” and have them practice. The Goodbyns are helping us eat better and reduce our waste! I’d highly recommend them!!

  13. Posted by: Naomi Nista Lindberg

    We struggled with the (larger) Goodbyn box at first when my son started Pre-K last year, and I actually had to buy him a bigger backpack to accommodate it (!), but once he got the hang of opening and closing it it’s been great (we practiced at home a few times). I put smaller ziploc containers (the reusable tupperware kind) inside with applesauce, hummus, and things like that, and there is plenty of space for utensils and extra snacks for after school (as we usually head to the playground right after school). We’ve cut sandwich bags and other disposable lunch stuff way down. But it does take some getting used to!

  14. Posted by: Mary Beth

    We love our Planet Boxes. They are maybe not for everyone (those who were saying they don’t like a large box or one that you have to refrigerate everything overnight), but they are perfect for us! And definitely very easy to open. I personally hate dealing with plastic kitchenware and I also hate casting about for a lot of little containers. Planet Boxes solve both.

  15. This is a great post. I just bought one of these and it does seem gigantic. Glad I’m not the only one who thought so.

    Just discovered this website and love it!

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