You may already know about making coffee ice cubes, but I was reminded to do this by my friend Gina, who is the master of the artful repurpose. When you have a couple of cups remaining in the coffee carafe, which you invariably do, pour it into an ice tray. It makes for perfect, undiluted iced coffee.


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Comments (6)


  1. so smart! i will definitely start doing this.

  2. Posted by: kimberly

    um, I never have coffee leftover! And, I’m usually left wanting more! 😉 But this IS a great idea for iced coffees!

  3. Posted by: Lisa

    Great idea ! I do this with flavored coffee sometimes to give an iced coffee a little something, something. Or I’ll use espresso if I need an extra kick.

  4. Posted by: Maiz

    This is a great trick! I also like to do this same thing if I have a little leftover wine, too. Then I throw the wine cubes in tomato sauce or something else that needs the flavor.

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