Because my kid has a milk allergy, and because she’s six and hates feeling left out, I buy all the dairy-free cheat products I can find—coconut yogurt, rice milk, soy cheese, vegan chocolate chips, you name it, we have it in our kitchen.

But Amelia’s holy grail was Goldfish crackers, because there isn’t a cheese-free knock-off version to be had. No matter how much I insisted, “They’re not that great,” I couldn’t convince her that she wasn’t missing out on something major, since every other child within a 100 mile radius seemed to be shoveling down those bright orange fish by the fistful.

Recently I found Chef Chloe’s vegan goldfish recipe. They really do look just like the real thing, and are so tasty that Amelia asks me to make them all the time. Chloe suggests drawing little smiles and eyes on the fish, but I’m too lazy. You could get your kid to do that, though, and turn the whole thing into an easy, edible craft project.

P.S. If you want to make these gluten-free, a commenter on Chloe’s site suggests how.

Andrea Pyros writes often about parenting for publications including Mint, LearnVest and Sesame Street Family. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and is the mother to two children, one of whom has food allergies and the other of whom refuses to eat eggs even though he can. 


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