We’ve been bringing a bunch of hearty salads to work for lunch because of the limited takeout options in the neighborhood. Let me back up. We aren’t salad-for-lunch gals by nature. We are gals who can eat most men under the table. In fact, I finished my husband’s entree on our first date. I’m not proud, but there it is. That said, the realities of the post-40 gut are undeniable and, as such, we try to be good. Yesterday’s finely chopped kale salad with crumbled feta, chopped carrots, celery, apple, hard-boiled egg and red onion with a garlic, olive oil, lemon vinaigrette was nice and filling. Granted, we weren’t shy with the feta, but a gal’s gotta fill her belly.

Hefty Kale Salad for Two

a bunch of kale, finely chopped, as  you would for slaw

a celery stalk, chopped

a carrot, chopped

a few slivers of red onion

1/4 of a block of feta, crumbled and tossed vigorously into dressed salad, so that it incorporates

This works as a salad for two for dinner. Other protein like grilled steak or roasted chicken make nice additions.


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  1. Posted by: zivar

    massaging your kale with some of the dressing before adding the other ingredients will make the salad even better and more nutritious!

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