I’ve been trying to get more grainy salads into our lives. Granted, it’s not a natural kid slam dunk, but if there are enough vegetables to deconstruct, and you have an egg to top it all off, you can usually make some combination work so that you feel like you are all eating the same meal. I’ve been trying to remember to make extra grains for the week. I made two cups of barley (ratio is 2 to 1 water to barely) so I could add it to soup and salad for the rest of the week.


Romaine lettuce

blanched greenbeans

mushrooms, sliced and sautee with a shallot

vinaigrette (the juice of half a lemon, olive oil, and minced garlic)

a fried or poached egg

I’m crazy about the creamy citrusy yoke-dressing combo. One of my sons likes mushrooms, while the other subbed in carrots. Once they tried mine all mixed together, however, they wanted to finish mine.


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