A lot of people look at a bag of clams, and think their only option is a complicated preparation (vongole, needing condiments, you get the point). But really, grilling them, is one of the simplest and most delicious ways to eat them. Because they’re cooking in their own briny liquor, they taste of the sea, in a way that is often overpowered by lemon or a garlic-y oil. Here’s all you need to do. Open the bag, clean them by rubbing 2 clams together under fresh running water. Discard any clam that seems compromised—either it’s broken, or it stays open. You want firmly shut clams. When the coals are ready, put them on the grill, and when they pop open fully, put them into a bowl and serve. We usually just all stand around the grill and wait.


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  1. Posted by: Rachael

    Last summer I discovered this same thing with mussels. I used to scrub them over the sink for what felt like an hour. Finally, up in Maine with a grill available, we set them on the grill completely unwashed, put the lid on, and waited for them to open. It was amazing.

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