Saturday nights, we usually have our friends and their kids over. Especially in the summer, when we’re more apt to make a cocktail, we have started making special drinks for the kids too, who under normal circumstances think of juice as a special treat. One night our friend Steve brought over some grenadine syrup to make Shirley Temples, and as much as I knew that Rose’s Grenadine had ingredients that are normally not allowed in the house (high fructose corn syrup, artificial food coloring), I just rolled with it and figured it was important to break the rules once in a while. Our kids were so in love with us that night, and maybe even better behaved than usual. So the grenadine is staying, even if just for special occasions (but not every Saturday night).

In case you feel inspired to make your own grenadine, and actually, it isn’t that complicated, The Cocktail Chronicles has a good recipe.


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  1. Posted by: ritu

    Another really nice “kid’s cocktail” staple is an infused simple syrup — lavender is a favorite of ours. With a little lemon and sparkling water, it makes a nice drink for the kids… and with the addition of lillet blanc and vodka, it turns into grown-up lemonade. The color is lovely — purple in the jar, and pinkish-lavender in the drinks.

  2. OOOOOOh grenadine!! I need some. In France, while on vacation once, I saw that they just serve a little in water, it was so refreshing! Happy 4th!

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