We’re now at the end of the year with our Goodbyn bento box and I have to revise my original skepticism about the “flimsiness” of the product. It is a FANTASTIC lunchbox that has retained its perfect seal after hundreds of dishwasher cycles–not to mention daily abuse in backpacks that get thrown onto cement playgrounds. Despite having had a little initial trouble opening and closing it, my little one got the hang of it after a couple of days. Apart from a little sticker bling attrition (easy to remedy with the four thousand extra stickers that came with the lunchbox), the Goodbyn remains intact and ready for camp. And lastly, I gloat thinking of all of those plastic baggies I didn’t use this year.


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  1. Posted by: Tina

    I needed to read this as I purchased one for my preschooler and quickly stowed it away because of the opening and closing issues. Now with Kindergarten approaching, I wondered if he could do it? I will give it another go. Plus the thing is so stinkin’ adorable!

  2. I also purchased one for my daughter who is a kindergartener. She was ok with opening but closing. And the water bottle in it is really hard to open for her. I have been using it for food storage. Hopefully sha can use it soon.

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