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We are a whole wheat kind of family, except for when it comes to hot dog/hamburger buns and pasta (bring on the white, enriched flour.) But recently I was put on a gluten-free diet (chronic lyme, but that’s another post). It hasn’t been that hard–mostly it means I have to plan my meals much more, since I can’t just grab something on the way to work, and it definitely hinders my husband from making a quick pasta for dinner. But a week ago we were in an Italian restaurant in upstate New York, and the only thing I could eat on the menu was this gluten free pasta. I was sure it was going to be gummy and awful, but there was nothing else to order (it wasn’t the kind of place where you would have ordered the steak). Well, I was wrong–the pasta was amazing. We asked what the brand was, and they told us it was Tinkyada. I ran out and bought some the next day, and a couple of nights later was able to whip up a quick pasta for the family (my favorite is a simple red sauce with a poached egg on top), and really, the difference in the pasta was minimal.

Now I’m sure if you’ve been gluten-free for a long time, you know about this pasta. Consider this a post for the gluten-free newbies, and tell us your favorites, because believe me, there’s a lot of gluten-free stuff out there that just tastes blah.


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  1. Posted by: Andrea

    Agreed, it’s excellent. I have tried it a few times and always pleasantly surprised by how decent it is.

  2. Posted by: Melanie

    Our local store just began carrying the brand Jovial and that’s become our family’s favorite brand. So much so that I, a non-GF eater, happily eat it along with my Celiac husband. Every brand I’d tried before this one (including Tinkyada) still had me missing regular old Barilla.

  3. Posted by: Beth

    I have always been pleased with Tinkyada even before i was on a gf diet. However lately i have been eating one by Bionature that is super yummy! My family thinks it’s white pasta! WF on the west coast carries it and i have purchased it mailorder at Vitacost!

  4. Posted by: Kiera

    Everybody Eats is a company that sells gluten free food, and their cookies and pizza crust are some of the best I have ever had. They sell online and in stores.

  5. Posted by: Ebony

    The quinoa pasta sold at most Wole Foods is excellent. My kids eat it up and I feel less guilty on nights all they’ll eat is buttered noodles.

  6. Posted by: leah rosen

    JOVIAL! AWESOME STUFF. at fairway and similar

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