Recently I saw a Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate cookie mix in the grocery store, and decided to give it a go. Although I’m gluten-free, this isn’t the kind of thing I would usually spring for, so I need to set this up that I was ready for it to fail. As we were putting the cookies onto the cookie sheet, they kept falling apart, and I couldn’t imagine that they would turn out, not even a little bit. I think my husband and I even got into a fight over it (why waste money on something that was going to either taste gross/not work, etc)…well, I’m happy to report that somehow some magic happened in that oven, and they turned out. Okay, were they as good as a regular chocolate chip cookie? No. Were they passable for an afternoon treat, for someone who really, really, really misses gluten? Most definitely.



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    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      wow that is exciting–thank you stefanie–i am going to try them!

  1. Cookies!!! I miss cookies! I just keep throwing money at stuff because SOMETHING has got to be good, right? I’m going to the grocery store right now!

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