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My husband just called me from his favorite Japanese restaurant in LA, Shima, and couldn’t contain his excitement to tell me that the beer we love there, Echigo, is actually rice beer, and is gluten-free. I think one of the things that’s the worst about being gluten-free is not being able to drink beer. Then, as I was looking to find a resource for Echigo beer, I discovered some other gluten-free beers. Double excitement! I’ll have to get some and do a taste-test, and report back.


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  1. Posted by: S

    why is everyone gluten free these days?

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      hi samantha–i personally am gluten-free because i have had chronic lyme for a couple of years, and somehow the doctors figured out that an gluten-free (anti-inflammatory) diet is good for you when you have lyme…it sounds crazy, but i feel totally normal if don’t have it, and if i do, i get super dizzy. i found this article that explains a little of why you’re seeing so much more on gluten-free…

  2. Yay! I am always on the look out for good gluten free beers. (I’m diagnosed Celiac-2 years now) My friend is a pilot for Jet Blue wherever he travels I have him on the look out. I can only do wine for so long:) Rice beer, have not heard of it. I found your blog through Inchmark, will be back!

  3. Hi Yolanda,

    There are a number of gluten free beers to choose from. You can find a list as well as reviews on the Gluten Free Beer Association website. I will be posting a new review of Dogfish Heads new gluten free brew tomorrow. :-)

  4. Posted by: Ananya

    Was he able to find out what it is malted with? Even though this is a rice lager, I’m hesitant because I can’t find any info on what kind of malt their using. Most malt is NOT GF….

  5. Posted by: Ananya

    Oops! Meant *they’re

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