There are two parts to this post, so read all the way down. If you haven’t ever had Gibbles Chips, which are a family owned company, who do their chips in lard, you have got to try them. They are the best chip my husband and I have ever had. We got them in central Pennsylvania, and only bought one bag. Once we ate them, and realized they were the world’s best chips, we figured we would stop at some big grocery store, and buy a case. Turns out they are a central PA thing, and once you go out of that area, nobody carries them.*

Here’s part two of the story. I was wondering why I was feeling particularly thicker than ever, and it dawned on me that in my gluten intolerance phase I’m in right now (well, it’s been a year now–hopefully I will get past it and be able to return to my beloved gluten soon–it’s a long lyme disease post which I will write soon), the only snack food that tastes good when I’m on the road, is potato chips. As much as I want to buy nuts, how often do open them up once you’re back in the car, and they’re rancid, or just tasteless. There’s something actually “local” feeling about buying chips in a gas station too–they often are from some chip company in the state that you’ve never heard of. Well, I just wanted to state the obvious–don’t get hooked on the chips as the go-to snack on a road trip, especially if you’re on the road as much as I am.

*Now I’m really screwed. Just in the writing of this post I found out that you can buy them online from Wegman’s or Sam’s Club.


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