Last weekend we went to the farm stand, picked up some beautiful tomatoes, and got inspired to make gazpacho for lunch. We gave it to our daughter, but we sold it as cold tomato soup, and served  it with a grilled cheese on the side. She loved it, and I couldn’t believe how she went for all the raw onion and green pepper flavors in it (we just left out the garnish and pepper on hers.)

Later that day, we made Bloody Marys out of the rest. Delicious.


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  1. Posted by: Lindsay

    this sounds delicious! love the idea of pairing it with grilled cheese :)
    p.s. would you mind sharing your gazpacho recipe? i can’t seem to find one that lives up to some of the great gazpacho’s i’ve tasted over the years

  2. Posted by: lorena

    I am spanish, and I recently went to the US and I was surprised that everyone was so fond of gazpacho soup!
    But I have to say to say many people got it wrong. Gazpacho has to be a really fine soup, no lumps at all, and don’t go too crazy with garlic!

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