garlic expresser

I think I learned this trick from Jacques Pepin…every time I make vinaigrette, I express one clove of garlic into it. It gives it just the right amount of extra kick, and it’s also good for you. Everything around the garlic is some combo of oil, vinegar (I’m a fan of Champagne vinegar), lemon if I have it, and a little Dijon mustard if it is more than just greens. This garlic press from Oxo is really good, but I have also seen them at yard sales for next to nothing.


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  1. What a GREAT idea! I make my own salad dressing all the time and have never thought to do this. Of course Mr. Pepin teaches this trick, he’s such a wizard :) My husband and I watch his show all the time!

  2. Posted by: laurie

    Ina Garten has a similar recipe that is perfect. If you want to look up the proportions online I believe she calls it “vinaigrette for greens” or something similar.

  3. did you try with shallots instead of garlic? thats the secret to my recipe…ps: have you been getting my emails or did they get lost once again??

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