My daughter doesn’t like sandwiches, which means she pretty much gets a hot lunch every day. Here’s one of my bottom-of-the-barrel faves: Whole wheat couscous from Trader Joe’s,  which takes 5 minutes, and a boiled nitrate-free hot dog, which I usually keep for emergencies in our freezer. (I’ve even used the hot dog water to make the couscous when I’m really rushing.) She loves it.


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  1. WHY have I never thought to do this??? My daughter LOVES couscous and she loves hot dogs! This is so brilliant in its simplicity, thank you!!

  2. Posted by: DVS

    Please please cut those hot dogs in half. Hot dogs are the most common food item causing choking deaths in kids < 10 years of age. Unlike other foods that kids commonly choke on, they are notoriously difficult to clear with back blows or the Heimlich maneuver.

  3. Posted by: Andrea

    Made this tonight for my 5-year-old (the only kindergartener on the planet who doesn’t like hot dogs). She was pretty excited after I showed her the picture and explained the writer’s kid was a “picky eater” (I took some liberties there, so sue me). Anyway she helped mix it all in and actually enjoyed herself and ate some, so…. thanks. Cute idea.

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