Last weekend, as we were clearing out the refrigerator of our summer rental, we made this delicious Mexican breakfast–a riff on Chilaquiles. I had the remains of some grilled chicken, two breasts and a thigh, which I shredded. ( If you are starting with raw meat, season with salt and pepper pan fry on medium high heat in a bit of vegetable (or any) oil. ) Meanwhile in a pan, saute a yellow, white or red onion. (I had half of a yellow and half a red, which I combined.) Once translucent, add salsa, about a cup. In this case, I had a little bit of Rao’s marinara left, which I added to about a half a cup of jarred salsa. It was delicious and I would do again because the marinara cut the acidity of the salsa a bit. Add chicken, saute for a few minutes. In a separate bowl, whisk a dozen eggs, pour into pan. Take a few handfuls of tortilla ships, break up in your hands into manageable size bites if chips are big, add to the pan. Combine. Once eggs are cooked (they won’t be as firm as eggs without salsa), serve in bowls with avocado, hot sauce, a squeeze of lime, and grated cheese (I had a little Mexican cheese but cheddar or anything would be fine). Delicious!


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  1. Posted by: Lindsey

    I’m obsessed with Mexican food and it’s the one thing I miss the most living in Switzerland. (This is not helping!!! 😉 But thanks for the recipe. I’m filing it away to make as soon as I’m stateside at my mom’s in October. :)

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