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Salad Composé. Although we feel a little pretentious saying it the French way, it does feel weird to call it “a composed salad”. But that’s exactly what it is—a salad that is composed, not tossed. We had this amazing salad at our friend Kendall’s house, and even though that was ages ago, it remains one of the best lunches in memory. The whole idea around a salad composé is that it has either layers of textures and colors and proteins (as here), or they are side by side on a plate, and then dressing is drizzled on top. It’s such an easy salad to do, especially with the bounty of summer. (With a mandolin, you can more delicate looking anything, so if you have carrots or fennel or more hearty raw vegetable, that’s a nice way to incorporate them.) It’s a great salad to prep ahead, and one to use up everything you have in the fridge (cold chicken, eggs–these become the proteins you just add your greens and vegetables around), or in the pantry (tuna, beans).


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