dukes mayo

We got introduced to this mayonnaise from the South at one of our favorite little food shops in Brooklyn, Court Street Grocers. We started out with a small size, since we hadn’t heard of it, and didn’t want to commit. Well, we quickly returned back and got the big size. I read the comments on the Duke’s website from die-hard Hellman’s fans, and realized we are not alone. Apparently the reason why we love it is that there’s a little bit more acid in it than in other mayos. You can order it from Duke’s online.


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Comments (3)


  1. Posted by: jennifer

    My southern family claims that Trader Joe’s brand mayo is actually Duke’s. I haven’t conducted a taste test or asked around, but it would be good to have another Duke’s source right under our nose.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      wow that’s amazing ok we will have to do a taste test!!!

  2. Posted by: Jennifer

    Ok. I finally did the taste test. Trader Joes and Duke’s are definitely not the same mayo. My southern family will be taken to task. Ha.

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