Our daughter loves soba and udon noodles for lunch. In another post, I’ll explain my one pot-10 minute solution to making that fresh for her on a busy school/work morning. But here, I want to share a lightbulb moment we had the other night. Usually, I wouldn’t think about bringing home a 3-4 inch piece of chicken, pork, or steak that one of us didn’t finish on date night, but the other night I did. The next morning, I cut it up and put it into her noodles, and it took a B+ lunch to a solid A. She was also happy that she got to have some of what we had at dinner the night before.


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  1. Posted by: Jenny

    so genius!!!!! but do you make noodles in the morning before school? :-)

  2. Posted by: StinkBugsMama

    Yes, please inform about the 10-minute lunch solution on busy school-work mornings!! Need to know!!

  3. Posted by: Jill

    Would be very interested in your one pot quick udon recipe mentioned above, please post! Thanks!

  4. Posted by: Bonnie

    Juat came across this– please share your method! Thanks :)

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