We had a bunch of croissants left over from a shoot that we didn’t want to go to waste.Then I remembered a great French toast dish my husband and I used to have at an East Village restaurant called Danal. We had two croissants leftover, which ended up feeding all four of us, because each piece was so rich.

1. Cut croissants lengthwise in half. Heat griddle on medium high heat.

2. Beat two eggs, a quarter cup of milk, a drizzle of vanilla extract and a dash of salt into any dish that will fit the two pieces at once.

3. Once pan is hot, evenly distribute a pat of butter across the pan. Butter should be sizzling but should not burn.

4. Cook on both sides as you would any French toast, a minute or so, or until golden brown.


It is the most decadent French toast imaginable. I also made one as a melted gruyere and turkey breakfast sandwich the next day–same French toast idea (without vanilla), just melted cheese in an assembled sandwich for a minute in the pan like a grilled cheese once both sides were  cooked. Delicious.


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  1. Posted by: Tina

    Oh, I love this! I have done this before with leftover sourdough (believe it or not) and it was YUMMY. I also like to use leftover baguette to toast and top with scrambled eggs, capers, tomato and parm cheese.

  2. Posted by: Carolyn

    A croissant in any shape or form is just over-the-top delicious!

  3. Posted by: Erin

    Day old croissants? Really? That just doesn’t happen at my house. :)

  4. Posted by: tunie

    Here’s another one from a cafe I used to go to weekly:

    Split and toast a croissant. Spread each slice with a thick smear of cream cheese sprinkled with about a Tbl of brown sugar and top with sliced strawberries that have also been tossed in a little brown sugar. You can broil them for a second to warm it all up but not so much that the cream cheese melts. Eat like open faces sandwiches. So Delicious!

  5. Posted by: fai

    looks so good. i have to try making it soon!

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