We rarely eat out – used to be because we lived too far from town, now it’s both financial and our routine. But my work schedule is hitting crazy level, with our first holiday at the store (General Store Paso Robles), and 11 hour days not unusual. I am still weirdly attached to cooking for my family – it’s a small, good thing in a whirlwind of choir, basketball, trips to the vet… I am usually cooking dinner for the next night while we’re doing dishes, and I do plan a week at a time to make the most of my trip to the farmer’s market and grocery. (My time is really precious right now!)

One of my favorite things to do: roast a chicken for one night’s dinner (gives us lots of leftovers for lunch the next day), then throw what remains into the crock pot. Drippings, the carcass, the veggies I roasted it with, anything leftover in the produce bin that I didn’t get to (green onions, carrots, even carrot tops, parsley, basil.), all goes in. And that little bit of rose from Sunday dinner, and some peppercorns – it’s a grabfest. I pour water over it, to cover, then put it on low cook for 10 hours.

When I wake up in the morning, the house smells like Fall, and I’ve got fresh stock to use in the next day’s risotto or chili or white bean soup.


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  1. Posted by: Patrice

    You are truly an inspiration… great ideas that I plan to put into action.

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