We’ve all been there–we buy too much corn, and then have just two old ears left that we don’t want to toss, but don’t know what to do with them. This happened to us last week, and my husband made a corn gratin with it from a Jacques Pepin recipe. So easy. It’s a great side, and tastes as good at breakfast as it does at dinner.

2 ears of corn (you can use more, but 2 is the minimum)

1 cup of half and half

2 eggs

2 tbl of flour

1 tsp salt and a few cracks of the pepper grinder

Buttered gratin dish

Blend ingredients in a food processor or blender, then pour it into the gratin dish. You can put a half a cup of Parmesan on top if you like. Add salt and pepper. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes–just watch for it to slightly brown on top. It should be a little wet in the center.


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  1. Posted by: Suzanne

    Sounds delicious, but no salt or pepper in this?

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      Hi! I added that into the post…it was buried in the copy so I just pulled it out and was a little more specific! Thanks!

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