The combination we all aspire to serve our kids is this: nutritious and yummy. Cookiehead cookies and muffins and even brownies unite whole grains, anti-oxidants, nuts, and healthy fats, along with the enough dashes of deliciousness to assure your kids (okay, you, too) will grab the good-for-you treat instead of the more questionable one.

That’s because rather than deny this truth, Lisa Newman (below) created Cookiehead based upon the fact that we love treats but want to be healthy—and with complete willingness to include chocolate. Better, she thought, to blend ingredients in such a way to allow for nutrients’ absorption through the science of nutrition, and while she was it, better to acknowledge the psychology of portion control, the importance of environmentalism and to give more than passing nods to the art of baking. It’s safe to say that Cookiehead’s aspirations are about as sincere as snacks can get.

Aspiration isn’t necessarily tasty. My family—and the upstairs housemates, too—offer this consensus: Cookiehead products taste healthy. They also taste grainy seedy or whole-wheaty, undeniably so. And they taste pretty darn good.

Not every product drew raves from all. The not-too-sweet but deeply chocolate-y brownie won admiration from adults and teen kids; the four year-old deemed it not-sweet-enough. The tiny wild blueberry and banana flaxseed muffins were pronounced, “Good,” by all; the cranberry cookies, the ten year-old declared, “Amazing.”

The trade arm of the baking and snack industry is intrigued enough with Cookiehead to have featured the products twice this year, crediting it with “changing the face of the snack industry.” This past year, Dr. Oz featured Cookiehead. Its trademark combination of tastiness and sincerity appears to be catching on. Available at some retail outlets—and online—Cookiehead may be the little company that could… transform your snacking habits.

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser is a writer, whose work appears in the ebook anthology Welcome to My WorldBrain Child Magazine & the Huffington Post, Babble & Bamboo Magazine amongst others. She does some blogging for Teen Life and keeps her own blog—Standing in the Shadows—at the Valley Advocate. She and her dear husband are raising four children and enduring a great deal of chaos in the relatively sleepless process.


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  1. Posted by: William M. Ryan

    Great articles. Congratulations. Cookies and brownies are truly delicious. I would highly recommend to another who has not tried them to purchase some. You will become a repeater.

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