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We love this breakfast board that chef/owner Camille Becerra serves at Navy, our new favorite restaurant in New York. Other than the hard boiled eggs (which she does just like we like them–not too hard boiled!), there is no cooking involved, so we’re thinking this would be a great moment to copy for weekend breakfasts if you’re hosting, or staying at someone’s house. She had on hers: an egg, a blood orange, some cheese, quarter of an avocado, some guava jam.


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  1. Posted by: erin

    Ah, genius. I will definitely be copying that…!

  2. Posted by: Andrea

    This could be cute for kids, too — nothing is touching!

  3. Posted by: Jinia

    I love this! My lunches tend to be something likes this in the summer and that often serves as my breakfast as well….I know I know. Inspires me to make a greater effort for the morning.

  4. Gorgeous! I love to eat in a samply kind of way (tapas, dim sum) so this fits in perfectly. Actually its kind of how my preschooler eats now come to think of it! Thanks :)

  5. Posted by: Kendriana

    Just a small slice of toasted bread please…

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