almond toast

Every time I buy almond or peanut butter, I’m disappointed. The first serving is always too oily. Once it goes into the fridge, it gets too hard to spread. But a week ago I was at Wegman’s (my favorite chain grocery store) and saw this Maranatha Almond Butter, which was advertised as a no-stir, creamy, and ready-to-spread variety. I was ready to be disappointed, but it went on a piece of bread just like Skippy–even after having been in the fridge!


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  1. Posted by: Ella

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! Their Peanut & almond butters are my favorite!

  2. Posted by: meg

    I found if I pour all the cashew butter (my favorite) into the food processor and mix it a bit, then it’s perfect!

  3. Posted by: steve

    Hi, try Barney Butter.. its creamy like peanut butter, 100% all natural and doesnt need to be refrigerated.. I made donated and made 200 almond butter and jelly sandwiches for a charity event and didnt tear one pcs of bread.. now, full disclosure, I am an owner of Barney Butter, but i saw your complaint about loving almond butter and hating to refridge and then try to make a sandwich..
    best, steve

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