I must have been the last person on earth to discover Trader Joe’s addictive Cookie Butter, which is a paste made from a ground-up Belgian cinnamon cookie called speculoos (also known as biscoff). Cookie Butter has a very similar consistency to peanut butter or Nutella, so you can spread it on bread or a waffle or an apple or eat it off the spoon, but it’s nut-free—a find for anyone dealing with allergies.

The only downside is that TJ’s version of speculoos spread has a warning that reads, “May contain traces of tree nuts, milk & eggs” which doesn’t help if your child has an allergy to any of those ingredients. So for Amelia, I ordered Lotus Bakeries Biscoff Spread, which is nut-free, dairy-free, and egg-free (it does contain wheat and soy, though) and Biscoff Cookies, which are equally delicious. I didn’t actually put the spread on the cookies, but only out of a sense of decorum.

Andrea Pyros writes often about parenting for publications including Mint, LearnVest and Sesame Street Family. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and is the mother to two children, one of whom has food allergies and the other of whom refuses to eat eggs even though he can. 


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  1. Posted by: M.L. Hart

    Thank you so much for this article!

    I just found out about Cookie Butter too and have yet to try it. This year my kids are going to a “peanut-free school” and so I find myself scrambling for alternatives to the stapled peanut butter sandwich. It’s great to find healthy alternatives.

  2. Posted by: Andrea

    Sadly this is not super healthy. It tasty, though!

    It is rough to go without PB if your kids like it and will eat it. I feel your pain. My kid is not nut allergic and peanut butter is such a staple for her.

    I do know people who wind up giving peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast sometimes.

    Would your kids be willing to eat sunbutter or soybutter?

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