rhubarb soda

Over the weekend we went to Baltimore, and were introduced to a rhubarb soda from a company called Dry. Our friends who turned us on to it are in the restaurant world (they own Woodberry Kitchen, Shoe-Fly, and Artifact–if you’re anywhere near Baltimore you should seek these out), so they know about such things. We liked the soda so much (1/4 the sugar that is in regular soda, and it’s cane sugar–plus ingredients that are sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest) that we went to the grocery store the next day and picked up more. It’s great for drinking straight, but also for mixing into cocktails. They come in flavors like Juniper Berry, Wild Lime, Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange…You can find it on Amazon, but I think it’s best to try to find it locally, because it will probably be cheaper. I saw that the multi-pack on Amazon is a good deal at $15.50, but if you buy a single flavor 12 pack they jump up to $32, because they are only sold by individual sellers.


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  1. Posted by: Lorraine

    It’s been ages since I last drink soda. It’s good to know that there’s good soda out there. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to try Blood Orange.

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