A quick inventory of what was left in the fridge at the end of the week left me with, a few red potatoes, the inner stalks of a bunch celery, getting soft, a few leaves of rainbow chard leftover from a cooking class…….things were getting sparse….thank god I had some butter and yummy flaky sea salt as well!

I began by boiling the potatoes, I cut them into quarters and started boiling them as the rest of the meal came into focus.

As they cooked, I melted butter in a pot and added some whole coriander seeds from the depths of the spice pantry. Next I thinly sliced the celery and added it to cook in the butter.

When the potatoes were barely cooked through, I added them to the celery and butter to finish up and to embrace the buttery goodness.

To add some color and to get my fix of greens, I tossed in the Rainbow Chard, also sliced very thin. I added the salt generously—potatoes and celery can take a lot of it.
After cooking for about 7 minutes together, my lunch was looking really delicious! I plated it and added a few toasted pine nuts.
It turned out to be so good, warming and hearty, and it was made only with what I had one hand! Score! Here is to working with what you have!

Wendy Van Wagner is the founder of In The Kitchen.


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