terracotta chicken

We bought this terracotta pot at Ikea a couple of years ago, but only started to use it recently because somehow it was intimidating to us. Once we used it though, it’s our new favorite way to cook chicken. It’s a super old-school technique—that imparts moisture as you’re roasting the bird. It’s fool-proof in that it’s har…All you need to do is build in 30 minutes to soak it before you want to put the chicken in it. It needs to be submerged in a sink of water, and then it’s ready to go. We cooked our roast chicken the way we would normally, so use whatever recipe/cooking times as you would. Cleanup is pretty basic, except they say you should not use soap to clean it (it will soak into the porous material and could make your next chicken soap), so use baking soda to clean it.

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