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We saw this child seat/bike system the other day and were very intrigued. While our kids are both seasoned two-wheelers by now, we were pretty jealous when we saw this. Yepp is a Dutch company (natch) that makes the mini kid bike seat (starts at $139) that sits in front as well, which is genius, especially when they are little. We wondered if anyone had ever tried this whole extendo bike system pictured here? It looks really cool, but wondered if anyone with little kids had seen the benefits of a longer bike when toting kids.


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  1. Posted by: josephine schiele

    we use this system, and it is amazing how relatively easy it is to carry two quite large kids (2 boys, 4 and 7) from brooklyn to the east village where they are in school. it is called the xtracycle
    http://www.xtracycle.com. my husband built one for me about a month ago, and i can ride the kids over the bridge to school and then continue on to midtown. i say relatively easy because i was riding with my older son using the trail-a-bike attachment. that was nice but when my younger son started at the same school this year i tried pulling them over the bridge in a trailer (chariot style). that was exhausting and way to slow and heavy. the xtracycle is really amazing. i will send pictures!

  2. Posted by: Don

    We are stoked to get our setup built very similarly to the one pictured above. We are building a Surly Big Dummy and will be using the Yepp seat on the back.

    When our girl was very little, we utilized a Chariot stroller pull behind that works nicely also.

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