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  1. Posted by: Christine

    I’m not a fan of Facebook, but I feel compelled to comment on this. I find this video offensive to moms, most of whom who already shoulder a disproportionate amount of the child care burden. We don’t need further guilt trips. Tell Gerry Graf and his team of male writers and producers to pick on fathers. I can’t believe you lent your support to this effort.

  2. Posted by: Jennifer Nelson

    @Christine I agree- this stinks. Clearly not one “actual mom” was involved in this one. Not funny. Certainly won’t share. If I were you I’d bury it before you continue to offend the very people you are trying to reach(?)

  3. Posted by: A mom

    I am a mom and I Love this little film! I think it is hilarious and I am sure we are all can relate to this very thing- moms, dads, even kids-we all do it. I love being able to laugh at myself and have a healthy reminder in a funny way that we all need to look away from our electronics from time to time.

  4. Posted by: Josefina

    I just read the first two comments. While I can understand their point of view, I want to say, in the nicest of ways, I disagree. This piece woke me up. It’s not just for moms; it’s for parents. And I don’t think it’s about Facebook. The message that resonated very clearly with me was, Stop spending so much time looking at screens. Whether it’s YouTube, or Facebook, or Google, or Twitter, etc., this was a reminder to take a break. Watching this made me laugh, obviously. But I will also remember it the next time I’m at the park with my kids, and have the urge to reach into my pocket and look at my cell.

  5. I WAS involved in this (I’m one of the moms at the computer) and I am an actual mom, to a one-and-a-half year old boy. I thought it was a funny concept with a good message. Plus, it was made by talented, well-meaning people. I didn’t get paid a lot, so I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t believe in it. I agree, moms have a hard job and should be appreciated for what they do. But does that mean it’s wrong to encourage them to play with their kids?

  6. Posted by: Grace

    I found this so offensive. It’s not amusing, it’s not funny, it’s degrading to women, especially moms.

    Let’s see a PSA for dad’s who are on the p0rn sites all the time.
    How about a PSA to get the KIDS off the computer and phone and wii, etc and spend time with the family.

    How many times in the history of motherhood has a mom called her family to the dinner table and had numerous excuses come from all family members?

    Now I know their are parents who do spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer, sometimes neglecting their families. But you know what? This little creepy ditty is not going to get their attention. Why? Because they won’t relate to it, because they will not see themselves in it. So you’re not going to hit the target that you need to hit.

    Can you imagine if something like this had come out when soaps were a big thing? “Mommy stop watching One Life to Live, and play with me” Mom’s would have been furious.

    How about giving moms a break? If mom wants to spend a bit of time on the computer she should be able to without being hit with some cr@ppy PSA making her feel guilty. The kids are most likely texting and playing Mortal Kombat anyway.

    Geesh, Leave MOMs alone they have enough to deal with.

  7. Posted by: Grace

    Oh and Marion Belgray if you need a reminder to spend time with your kids, then you need to think twice about what you’re doing.

    I’ll repeat this horrible little ditty is not going to affect those that it needs to.

    Sad, just so sad that someone made this. Oh and when I hit the link from the article and it took me to the website that was offensive also, telling me to ‘log off and go play with my kids’ Well geez my daughter is in bed sleeping. I had already spent the time from when she got home at 3:30 until 7:00 talking with her, discussing the day, what she’s doing tomorrow, helping with homework and cooking dinner together.
    I don’t need a d@mn website telling me how to parent, and not when they are so blatantly offensive about it. It’s 2 am perfect time to play with my daughter, what do you suggest? A game of glow in the dark baseball or maybe volleyball?

    I can’t help myself just soooo offensive and degrading to moms.
    Dads and porn should be the next one LOL Let’s see how well that goes over!

  8. Posted by: Mark

    I don’t think it’s unfair to moms the way that some people do. I think the points it makes too are spot on. Maybe it could have shown a mom and a dad to be more balanced, but the focus here is on the excessive computer use.

    I particularly like it because I helped create software called ComputerTime which is intended to limit kids time on the computer so that they’ll go outside and play more and do other things instead of facebooking all day. But it really goes both ways. Kids could actually use the software to limit their parents time on the computer. Hmmm. A new marketing angle. I love it.

    Anyway, check out ComputerTime when you get a chance.

    PS: Grace… please try to relax and realize that nobody is trying to tell you how to parent, and this video didn’t suggest that you should play with your kids at 2am. At least you acknowledge in one of your comments that you know parents who do ignore their kids by staying online too much, so you are aware that it’s a problem. If this video doesn’t apply to you, then what exactly is offending you so much?

  9. Posted by: Jana

    I’m pretty sure humor is subjective….
    p.s. I’m a mom to three and thought it was funny. :)

  10. Posted by: Jody

    Seriously? Quite frankly, when you can become this outraged over a comic jab it might be time to take life less seriously. Laugh a little. I did!

  11. I am disappointed by this PSA for several reasons.

    1) Why is it focusing on “mommy”. Are dads exempt?

    2) It is ridiculous to blame technology for a parents’ inability to connect with their kids and make their kids a priority. If it wasn’t facebook, those parents who do not want to connect with their kids would find something else to distract themselves with.

    3) Parents are spending more time than ever with their children and to a great extent, technology is facilitating that. I can take an afternoon to take my kids to the park when I’m waiting for an important e-mail from a client because I have my blackberry with me. If it weren’t for that technology, I couldn’t do that. While I’m at it, I can take pictures at the park and share them, in real time, on facebook with the grandparents who are in Europe and rarely get to see their grandchildren.

    I tackled the topic of technology and parent blame on my blog last year. This is a complex issue and this PSA is unfairly turning it into another way to make parents feel guilty.


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