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We were recently exposed at a friend’s house to Mad Cow, Bed Bug, e-Coli, and Swine Flu in one fell swoop. That is, the stuffed animal versions that are a million times the actual size of these pesky microbes. I have to admit that I was a little caught off guard when my daughter ran over to me yelling “Look at Charles’s sperm and egg!” Then I realized what a great learning tool these were—Giant Microbes makes dozens of critters and I love that each stuffed animal is called by it common and proper names: “sore throat”, a.k.a. “streptococcus”, and “while blood cell” is also “leukocytes”. Finally, a stuffed animal that actually does something other than collect dust!


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  1. Posted by: Bridget

    My toddler just had to have surgery for what turned out to be one of these microbes…we had affectionately named the lump “Patrick”. Now we can get her a little stuffed version. Weird, but great!l

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