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The other day our 8-year-old daughter wondered how I was able to read our design-y wall clock, since it is tiny and has no numbers on it.  It occurred to me that we hadn’t ever taught her to tell time. Granted, I remember seeing  homework assignments that involved learning how to tell time, but realized there were holes in her understanding of reading a numberless clock at a glance, as well as the lingo we grownups take for granted, like “it’s five-to-3” instead of 2:55, or how 12 o’clock can also be noon, etc. I pulled out this wooden clock that we had bought for her years ago, and after spending 15 minutes on it, she was really getting it. Now we keep it in the car, and it has become more of a game–an educational toy in disguise that helps reinforce school year lessons throughout the unstructured days of summer.


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  1. Posted by: Spencer

    Another fantastic idea from your wonderful site. Could you tell me where you got your clock? I’ve been looking for a simple clock with numbers. This one is so simple and attractive. Thank you.

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