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We never get tired of looking at these letters to Santa…and actually, we love looking at other kids’ even more than at our own. One favorite list we heard of this year was a 7 year old’s that had only two things on it: silly putty and blocks of soap to learn how to carve. We also love the one below that is basically an editorial on Grinch. We’d love to see yours, so email them in, or upload them on facebook, and we’ll add them to our gallery.

by Sofia, 5

by Rose,5

“Here is 8 year “Sistafoo’s” list. The stars indicate priorities. This year we are seeing a new emphasis on girly products and tech items she is unlikely to receive.”


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  1. Posted by: TrishO

    Love how little Clara is all about the shoes. Smart girl.

  2. Posted by: meaghan young

    Hubby and I are seriously debating ending the Santa Claus thing for our 7 (soon to be 8) year old. And probably not even introducing him to our 2 year old. We have had a love/hate relationship with Santa for about 3 years. We love watching our son and his excitement and anticipation, but we hate running to the store again and again after the umpteenth change to his ever growing wish list. We hate that Santa gets the glory of the gifts, and we hate that those expensive gifts seem to fall to the wayside shortly after Christmas. While we realize that any Christmas brattiness by our son is entirely our own fault, we think we may have to reset the concept of Christmas for him by starting with coming clean about Santa. How have other dealt with overgrown Santa expectations?

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