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Slow Food, Slow Travel—it seems like Slow Family should be the next thing…?! Well, on our spring break, we rediscovered the puzzle, and especially the ginormous kind–one that seems like it could take weeks to finish. Deeply therapeutic. Check out this amazing puzzle table that they had in the library of the Homestead Resort, which you can order from the company below. It means that there’s no puzzle too big–it has an interior extender that you can pull out as your puzzle gets bigger.


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  1. What a sweet post. And the Homestead looks amazing!

  2. Posted by: Kelly Connolly

    We were just talking about puzzles and the space committment!! Where can we buy this?

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      I think you have to call the company that makes it-see the name and number in the picture below the text -couldn’t find a link!

  3. Wow! This puzzle table is a dream! When we get together with our friends in the country, our goal is a puzzle a day (500 or 1000 pieces). It’s so relaxing.

    One of our favorite tricks is puzzle-bowls. While we sort out all of the edges, we also organize the pieces by “project” (barn, car, etc) or color into bowls. Each person can work through a pile, and the table doesn’t get full of individual pieces!


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