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We are not game people, as much as I’d like us to be. (Well maybe it’s my husband who doesn’t like games.) But somehow, a couple of weeks ago, after our daughter had made place cards for a small dinner party, he mixed up all the name cards, licked the back of one, and stuck it on someone’s forehead. He did this til each of us had someone’s name on our forehead (we also moved to small stickies that actually stayed on) and then we went around the room, each getting to ask a question, to try to figure out who we were. Then we tried it with other themes like old school tv shows and pop singers. We did it again this weekend with old school Disney as the theme—funny how nobody knew who Pluto or Jiminy Cricket was.

We’d love to hear if you do or don’t do family games, and what they are if you do! Email us on info@momfilter.com


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  1. matt doesn’t like games? he’s crazy :)

    we’ve played many rousing games of Would You Rather while staying at the beach with adult friends. it can get really hilarious.

    we also like the board game Settlers of Catan, which is way more fun that it looks on amazon.

  2. Posted by: mamacita

    Oh, man, I could talk about board games for days. The first barrier is giving yourself over to enjoying some corny fun.

    I would think your daughter would love Clue. Carcassone is also doable with three people, and my 10 year old daughter loves that one. Maybe your husband could get into card games like poker or Speed (which can be fun to play while waiting for your food at a restaurant). Farkle is a fun dice game that really reinforces arithmetic skills.

    Okay, I can’t stop now: Scrabble, Yahtzee, Backgammon…

  3. Posted by: meaghan young

    My 8 year old loves games. We have to sneak them in when the 2 year old is sleeping. Which is also when I sneak in cleaning, exercise,checking my email,and alone time with my husband . Poor 8 year old.

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