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Contributor Jes Antonis sent us in these lovely spring activity ideas that we had to share with you.

“Leave wool and yarn for birds to weave into their new spring nests. The birds love finding these brightly colored treasures for weaving into their newly built spring nests, and children love to watch the birds carry them away. We put this out every spring from the craft room cutting floor—scraps for the birds who snatch them up for weaving into fancy nests. Ideal scraps are yarn, wool roving, bits of small cotton, and colored string.

You can also look for abandoned nests from last year. This project takes a bit of watching. Children will delight in “keeping track” of who goes in and out. If no birds are flying to the nest for over 7 days, the nest is likely deserted. Other traits of abandoned nests are dry mud and brittle grass.”


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  1. Posted by: Narci

    It is very dangerous !!! We put string out for birds. I read this in a birding magazine and I did this, I had a swallows nest on the eave of my porch. They used some of the string and yarn I put out..They had three babies, two made it and flew away. The last one we saw it stuck in the nest by a piece of string attached to its leg, almost grew in the skin. We carefully took the string off and I put a non toxic antibacterial on his little leg. We finally got it to fly to a tree, His mom and dad watching everything. He flew into the woods we do not know if He made it. I will Never put out string again. It is NOT good for the birds. Big pieces maybe but NEVER string.

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