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Our babysitter Charlotte is the crème de la crème of crafters. I met her while she was working at her mother’s Waldorf-inspired store in our neighborhood (the first clue to her crafty abilities), and when she casually mentioned from the checkout counter that she was in the market for some part-time nannying, I grabbed her card and then immediately looked over my shoulder to see what other moms in line might be my competition. She started babysitting for us that week.

I was tickled when Char came to our door with clothespin mermaids for Mia and Isla, complete with felt fins and yarn hair. And I love that she enjoys painting with a toddler, and that general world of finger paint and wet-messy crafts. But this project takes the cake because it is simple and sweet, and only involves one, yes ONE, material: Autumn Leaves.

The how-to:

1. Have your kids run about collecting leaves of their favorite shapes and colors.

2. Pluck off their stems.

3. Overlap the leaves one by one, until you have a long line of them.

4. Take a stem and “sew” two leaves together: Push one stem end through two leaves, front to back. Then pop it back through the two leaves, making a stitch.

5. Complete your stitches through the entire line of leaves.

6. Bend your sewn leaves into a crown, making one more stitch between the end leaves to hold it together.


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  1. Brilliant! Oh, Charlotte, where were you when I needed you?

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