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The number of hours our daughter has spent playing with old phones is kind of astounding: We have always kept a push button one around for emergencies, which she loves, and then we recently found a rotary dial phone for $5 at a garage sale. She plays with them with friends, and on her own. It’s funny how what was such an everyday object for us growing up is now an olde time-y, exotic treasure. 


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  1. Posted by: rebecca

    Ha! So funny, my husband just found one of the black rotary phones by the dumpster over the weekend!

    It has a lovely prominent place on our desk:)

    Long live spring cleaning…and “vintage” play things!

  2. I will never forget my eldest calling me a couple of years ago (7th grade science fair-like event) & saying “This is so cool, I’m calling you from a rotary phone!”

    I had to break it to him that we have one on our top floor (to the wall) that can work–only no one who’s lived up there (an apt) in the last seven years has opted for a land line!

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