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horned frog

I just spent way too much time listening to the frog calls on this wildlife site, and that was without my kid on my lap. I can’t wait to show it to her—it has everything from the green frog to the Hurter’s Spadefoot. A nice way to amuse everyone, from a toddler on up.

Incidentally, I think I need to report why I was looking up frogs online. I had been gardening in our Brooklyn backyard, and came upon a humongous toad. I’m talking so big you can’t believe it–like as big as my hand with my thumb and pink sticking out. I spent a lot of time doing google images trying to match it up, and the closest thing I could find is that it was a cane toad, and it’s an invasive species. Not a safe thing for my dog to get into, if in fact my i.d. was correct. It did finally leave after a couple of hours, although we have no idea how it would have left the yard–it’s too big to get through any fence opening.  It was just such a weird thing to happen in such an urban place, and I felt completely not equipped to handle it–should I have called 311? Cornell? If anyone has any ideas on what the protocol should be in this kind of situation, I’d love to hear it.


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  1. Posted by: Sarah J

    Oh lord. Being from Australia, I HATE Cane Toads. I had no idea they were in North America. They’re horrible, horrible things. Though if you see one again and you’re feeling brave (stupid), they’re quite easy to imobilize just by putting them on their backs. I might have tried to scoop it into a cat cage with a shovel and take it to the local animal rescue place/zoo. They could either tell you if it’s a bad thing (cane toad) so that researchers know where they are, or tell you it’s good toad and you could take him to some nice woodland to grow in peace.

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