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Two thoughtful and imaginative magazines for kids that are worth subscribing to:  Anorak Magazine and Okido. Not only do we love the way they look, but your kid will actually learn something. One edition of Okido–which was started by mom Sophie Dauvois, whose background includes science, education, and multimedia design–artfully takes 2-7-year olds through the circulatory system. With its kooky characters and absurd stories, Anorak appeals to the more playful sides of 5-9 year olds.

Image from Junior Magazine


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  1. Posted by: francis

    Cool Kidz is not a cool magazine for kids. According to Reuters it ‘has been featuring images of adult-rated video games’.

    Reuters goes on: Alison Sherratt, senior vice-president of teachers union ATL, said publishers and government needed to do more to limit children’s’ exposure to games. “It puts peer pressure on children .. If they see these images, it gives them the idea it’s ok, it’s all right to play these games,” she added.

    (see: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/29/us-britain-videogames-children-idUSBRE90S0DO20130129 )

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      Hello Francis,
      I’m confused–we didn’t write about a magazine called Cool Kidz. We wrote about 2 very specific magazines, Okido and Anorak, which if you look at our copy, you will see. We would never write about anything as you have suggested.

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