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For reasons I cannot quite fully understand, my eight year old has not gotten over her “there’s a new baby in the house” jealousy even though her younger brother will be five (that’s years, not months) in a week.  They’ll be playing together happily but then things will take a turn for the worse. Cue the screaming and arguing over one white LEGO even though there are 500 other pieces within arm’s reach.

Last year, a friend gave us Race to the Treasure, a fun collaborative board game designed for kids 5 and up, with players working in concert to get to the treasure before the Ogre does. It’s one of the few activities they can do together indoors for an extended period of time before Amelia gets annoyed by John.  If you have other collaborative game suggestions for this age range, I’d love to hear them.


Andrea Pyros writes often about parenting for publications including Mint, LearnVest and Sesame Street Family. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and is the mother to two children, one of whom has food allergies and the other of whom refuses to eat eggs even though he can. 


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  1. Posted by: Lily

    My 5 year old son received the game Buzz for Christmas and we have had a lot of fun playing it. We also love the Orchard Game and Busytown!

  2. Posted by: Andrea

    Thanks, Lily. I’ll check those out.

  3. Posted by: Leann

    The Secret Door! We got this for Christmas, and my six-year-old loves it. Kinda like a cross between Clue and Memory. I think it’s a Canadian company that makes a collection of collaborative boardgames.

  4. Posted by: Andrea

    Oh, that sounds fun, Leann. Thanks!

  5. Posted by: Sarah

    Bought Race to the Treasure and my seven-year-old girl and five-year-old boy played last night and got in a quick game this morning over breakfast. Thanks for the recommendation! it is nice to hear them working together and not fighting.

  6. Posted by: EG1972

    The Busytown Mystery board game is a collaborative game my 3 and 5 year olds enjoy.

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