Entertaining Them

best night

Maybe it’s the way she walked (wow)

Straight into my heart and stole it

It’s late, probably past 11pm, and Sadie and her older brother are sound asleep.  Jack is sleeping with a slight smile on his face; his dad is taking him camping on Thursday and they’ll be gone for the entire weekend.  Guys weekend.  Apparently, Elk yodel in Denver in September (true story).  Sadie might be sleeping with a smile too – only she doesn’t know what I have planned for Girls Weekend.  Actually, I don’t have anything planned – yet. I feel a little self-imposed pressure, because I definitely made camping sound unappealing, as I didn’t want to go (yodeling Elk sound fun, but not in 30 degree weather).  I struggle to think of something that will make her superhappy.

‘Through the doors and past the guards (wow)

Just like she already owned it

At the last minute I get the idea to take Sadie to the 1D concert at the Rose Bowl.  I’m so proud of myself for thinking of this that I wander around CVS for an extra 10 minutes hoping to run into someone I know so they can ask me what I’m doing this weekend and I can tell them.  No luck.  I get 2 tickets for me and Sadie – seats look decent.  It’s a win win – I get to spend time with Sades, and she gets to see one of her fave bands.  Done and done.

Saturday morning dawns, hot, and sunny.  Not regular Cali hot, but heatwave hot.  Sadie has a soccer game in Torrance at 3p, which is fine if you are a mom who programs her Waze and then follows the directions without incident (I’m not that kind of mom).  I test drive the route on Friday secretly, so that there will Be. No. Mistakes.  And there aren’t

any; we arrive early and she plays hard.  We are both hot and sweaty and excited for the evening’s activities.

We rush back home, shower, change, spend 3 minutes gluing some long, glittery, nails on Sadie’s fingers, and jump into the car-service-car (I’m that kind of mom) for the 2 hours-in-traffic-ride to the 60,000-people-packed Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Grumpily Sadie refuses swag, food, or the ladies room. She is suddenly furious because, although I’ve gotten 1D tickets, I have, in fact, just bought tickets for me…and her.  (Didn’t occur to me to let her bring a friend – it’s GIRLS weekend, I thought that meant just US girls?!)

I said “Can you give it back to me?”

She said “Never in your wildest dreams.”

Our seats are great but we are smashed in between a ton of screaming Cali girl strangers. (Did I mention it was 100+ degrees?) I want something to drink and Sadie says “I’ll wait here”. (Uh, no Sadie).  I grab her pointy-nailed-hand and shuffle up past the groups of 4 cute girls + 1 aggravated dad, 3 cute girls + 1 exhausted mom.  Etc.

As I drag her back up to the refreshment stand, we somehow, miraculously, pass one of her friends with a bunch of pals.  6th grade Mady grabs 4th grade Sadie in a massive hug, hands her a glow stick and tugs her down their row.  Reluctantly I let go of Sadie and watch her smiling and laughing as she moves away from me.   When I open my hand there is glitter from her nails stuck to my palm.

And we danced all night to the best song ever

We knew every line.  Now I can’t remember

The night, which I thought was gonna be good, but Sadie thought was bad, so then I thought was bad, has suddenly and wonderfully turned amazing.  Mady buys Sadie a t- shirt, a hat, and soda, and sits with her throughout the entire concert.  She and her friends treat Sadie like a special guest, and Sadie is wrapped in their girlworld within watch-like-a-hawk distance from me.  I sit w my good friend Joy, (Madys mom).  We are now 5 girls + 3 moms @ the 1D concert.

Afterward, as an exhausted Sadie collapses in the car she says ‘Mom, that was the best night ever.  I love how you planned so I could go with you, sit with my friends and celebrate Nialls birthday! (One of 1D had his 21st bday onstage). How did you know that’s exactly what I wanted for Girls’ Weekend?”  She puts her small hand in mine and I smile.  “Can you please take my nails off? Right now???”

It was the best song ever.

It was the best song ever.

It was the best song ever.

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  1. Posted by: Italia

    What a fabulous post! I love this and it reminded me, so touchingly, of days past with my mama and the fun we had. Hope to hear more from Pam Thomas! She’s fab!

  2. Posted by: Harriett Stein

    What a tale- a super mom becomes a super duper mom.

  3. Posted by: Kimberly Clark

    Such a great piece. One in which every mother can relate. I’ve had a couple of ’em myself.

  4. Posted by: Hilary Thomas

    Rocking it Pam! Sadie is a gem, even if she has a pre-teen attitude. Such a great story….with my little guy at only 3 1/2, I am a few years away from having to know the bands, but I know who to consult when I get there. :)

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