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Our daughter was given these Crayola Bathtime Twistable Crayons, which are meant to be easy to wash off. There was something that made me suspect, so we tried them out with caution.  And good thing we did–yes, they were super fun, but important to keep them away from white shower curtains, and to go into it knowing that the clean up requires a great deal of elbow grease.

(That’s the washcloth we used for clean up!)


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  1. Posted by: kathryn

    love your site. these bath crayons are brilliant.

  2. Uggg… I used to do the marketing for the crayons bath crayons and paints…. I never gave them as gifts and never let my kids use them.

    The crayons were so hard to clean up – especially red.

    Also, be careful about having the kids sit in the tub too long….

  3. Posted by: Ali

    My two-year-old has the Alex brand bath paints and cleaning is really easy, but the colors aren’t super vibrant and it takes a fair amount of paint for them to really show up on our white tub. It’s basically tinted soap, but I’ll take that tradeoff for easy cleaning. :)

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