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Over the weekend we visited with friends who have a whole art “kit” that they bring out, often after lunch, for anyone to participate in: some gouache paint, brushes, and watercolor paper in both postcard and 5×7 size. Since they have a “no screens on weekends in the country” rule, this becomes an activity that they can offer up to their kids, and that they can do all together. They recently bought these books (below) to up their game a bit, and also to help their 9 and 15 year old boys have some direction if they wanted it. Personally, I thought it was so relaxing to sit down, figure out what I wanted to paint, and to spend the time to do it. It’s something we can all do that is really just under our nose.


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  1. Posted by: erin

    My family does this sometimes but we’ll all try and draw/paint/create the same thing– its fun to see everyone’s different perspectives and interpretations (and it can make for some good laughs too…)

    My mother also keeps this book on her coffee table http://www.amazon.com/642-Things-Draw-Chronicle-Books/dp/0811876446 Its a good one to pass around while lounging and talking after dinner– every time someone draws something they sign/date it– so its fun just to flip through as well.

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