Homemade Book

My husband is the button-sewer, hole mender, not to mention Martha-grade stain-remover, in our house. (I still never know when enough over and under is sufficient...


Indigo Girls

My husband ordered an indigo dye kit so that he could transform a white denim coat that he found he never wore into a year-round staple. He turned his project...

umbrellas outside


Instead of giving over every last blanket and pillow in the house, designate a bunch of old or cheap umbrellas to fort-making. Even just a couple make pretty brilliant...


Mail Art

I have envisioned my children engaged in good old fashioned correspondence by post for sometime now. Snail mail as they call it. Growing up I had a pen pal, granted...

Blocks_04_Taped momfilter

Puzzle Blocks

I was so inspired by a paper block set I came across in a book of classic toy designs that we decided to make our own! The side of each block shows a different...

Momfilter Curious Jane HowToDraw_06_Alien

Drawing 2.0

This week it’s back to the basics of paper and pencil. Children really enjoy making up their own characters – with their boundless imagination, the results are...

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