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twenty by jenny

Summer Reading

As a child, I spent summer vacations visiting my father in Florida, far from my mom and friends in New York City. Out of my regular school year routine, I mostly...


Meditation Book

Okay, maybe calling this a meditative book is overselling it, or just plain wrong, for half of the population. But for those of you who like seeing things in order,...


Trixie Belden

Pilar’s post about collecting vintage Hardy Boys books inspired me to seek out stories of my favorite childhood detective, Trixie Belden. Score! I found a bunch...


Best Shark Book

My son Willem is crazy about this shark book, Sharks and other Creatures of the Deep. The illustrations are really well done and the writing is just clear and comprehensive...

i'm fast


We have two young boys, so trains have been a major theme of our home for quite some time. The three-year-old grows more fascinated with them daily, his interest...

global 2

Think Global

Graphic novels have gained a great deal of respectability since I was a kid. With the possible exception of Herge's Tintin books—and those had European cred!—back...


Wondrous Things

Brian Selznick's debut children's book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, followed the path of every new author's fantasy: It got magnificent reviews full of words like...

iron giant

Giant Steps

I completely missed Ted Hughes's 1968 children's fable The Iron Giant in my own childhood; I don't know if it had fallen out of vogue in late-1970s New York, or...

traveller in time

Less Traveled

I'm not much of a reader of modern fiction (and if you're wondering what this has to do with children's books, bear with me—I'll get there). Given the limited...

audio book opener

Audio Mix

The categories of kids' entertainment (as of all entertainment, I guess) are blurring these days. I've covered audiobooks before, and I've covered the amazing variety...

suzuki bean opener 2

Downtown Eloise

My friend Becky turned me onto the book Suzuki Beane. I think I had mentioned to her how Harriet the Spy was one of the most influential books of my life, and Louise...

story of britain cover

Cool Britannia

Sometimes a new children's book makes me say to myself, Man, I wish this had been out when I was a kid. And since I’ve always been a history fan—I’m the son...

Lizard Music cvr

Chameleon Days

Daniel Pinkwater's Lizard Music isn't a new book by any stretch of the imagination—in fact, it wasn't all that new when I read it back in grade school. But it...

save the tiger1

Tiger Balm

Most parents are familiar with today’s earnestly conscientious children’s nonfiction that tries to teach young readers about environmentalism and conservation....


In Dreams

When The Invention of Hugo Cabret came out a few years ago, to immediate deserved acclaim (this summer, it becomes a Scorsese-directed feature film), I remember...

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