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karo ice pack

DIY Ice Packs

We keep one made of frozen Karo syrup, which holds a form if we mold it. We filled a plastic bag about 3/4 full with the syrup and enclosed it in one more bag...


Drink Water!

A friend of mine was rushed to the ER because of kidney stones. The doctor said that dehydration was the cause. (They also recommended adding lemon to the water...

mustela 1

This Thing I Do

With the crazy hot weather in New York, I have a new favorite beauty product—one that I stole from my son's changing table. Mustela PhysiObebe is a no-rinse cleanser...


Lice Arsenal

Lice is just a fact of elementary school life. There are always outbreaks in classes and getting it doesn't mean that you, your children, or your house are "unkempt"...


Bath Upgrade

I had some dried rosebuds that were meant for tea, but were ultimately a bit too floral for I put them into the bath for our daughter. It had big impact...



I never thought about hula-hooping as an adult. But I read an article in the NY Times, talking about how great the exercise is for you (you can burn up to 600 calories...



A couple of weeks ago my daughter was swinging fast and hard on the monkey bars. It was hot, and she was sweaty, and then the inevitable—a hard fall, first landing...


Good Clean Fun

We love Tinti, the all natural bath line for kids. You drop these chemical-free tablets, which are made from blossoms, roots, and fruit,  into the tub, and they...


Miracle Worker

Yolanda has been proselytizing everyone we know about the amazing Organic Pharmacy. I just bought the all-natural Carrot Butter facial cleanser, which is a miracle...

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