Dinner Salad

The other night my husband repurposed some roasted chicken into a completely new meal that didn't feel like leftovers. He sauteed a mix of wild mushrooms (at Whole...

winter salad

Winter Salad

Our friend Steve made a delicious winter salad for lunch yesterday--and in the seemingly longest winter ever, we are certainly looking for inspiration. This had...


Soursop Leaves

The soursop might just be the best tasting fruit we've ever had--super sweet, amazing texture...but apparently the leaves when made into a tea are a real miracle....

pumpkin soup

Lunch Al Desko

Our friend Jen Miller had a clever way of bringing in her soup to the office when her kids' thermos was being used by them. She just put her pumpkin soup in a glass...

endive salad

Winter Salad

Our friend Liana made this fantastic salad last night--it's super easy minus taking the skins off the citrus. Depending on what you like more and how many you are...

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