Our friend Cory tore this image out of the New York Times Magazine before her son was even born and decided to replicate this birthday ritual. Whether or not you are someone who remembers to print out your digital photos, or even has a single photo album to speak of, this is something you could remember to do each year when your child’s birthday rolls around. The key is to have your kid stand in the same spot every year.

Jules turns 1!

Jules turns 2!

Jules turns 3!

Photo: Top photo “Betty on her 1st Through 12th Birthdays, Sioux-City, Iowa” (1931-43), Photographer Unknown/Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco


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  2. Posted by: Victoria

    I love this idea. What a sweet way to celebrate the milestones of growing up!

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  6. Posted by: Mia

    CUTE!! GREAT IDEA!!!!!

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